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  • Spending Management Software solution

    Wisecor offers Spending Management Software Solution which helps you to streamline the authorization Process, Enforce Policies, while bring clarity into every spend. We help you beyond your ERP limitations, with an automated system with set workflows that brings your stakeholders on a singular platform. Our solutions compliment by adding value to your existing systems or ERPs by bringing in better financial controls, governance, visibility and compliance.

    Our suite of spend management software helps you control spend through automated checks, due diligence and visibility. Our software automates and streamlines the process, and helps control expenses related to Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor Payment, Asset Management and Employee Expense reimbursement.

    Our end to end suite of integrated solutions offers

    • Procure to Pay
      • Procurement Management
      • Invoice Management
      • e-Invoicing
    • Travel and Expense Management
      • Employee travel expenses
      • Employee non-travel expenses
    • Strategic Sourcing (e-RFX, Reverse Auction)
      • RFX Management
      • Sourcing auctions
      • Vendor empanelment
    • Specialized Application
      • Asset Management
      • Contracts Tracking
      • Imprest Management
    • Invoice Authorization
    • Asset Management

    How can Spending Management Solution add value to your business?

    • Suppliers Empanelment: Manage approvals and on-boarding of new suppliers on Portal
    • Procurement: Streamline PR, PO, Vendor advance and Material/ Servicing Receipting
    • Budget Control: Check budget availability before you spend
    • Catalog Purchase: Users can select items they want with Shopping cart interface
    • Supplier Portal: Facilitates Auto Transmission of approved PO’s to supplier
    • Invoice Authorization: Ensure Due- Diligence of Vendor Invoices through automated controls
    • Supplier e-Invoicing: Suppliers flip PO’s to submit their invoices through your banks
    • Spend analytics: Gets insights into your spend to find cost saving opportunities

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