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  • We possess expertise to provideend to end CFO services on a cost sharing model. We act as a strategic partner who would lead & manage the financial aspects of the business.Our CFO may or may not be physically present on-site all the time however we will always be there to assist our clients in all the best possible ways.Our portfolio of Virtual CFO services includes:

    Strategy and Governance

    • Appraising on affairs of the company to the Investors, Promoters, Founders, Board of Directors and CEO;
    • Develop, maintain and improve Corporate Governance Standards;
    • Succession Planning;
    • Establishing Advisory Boards;
    • Strategic assistance withcustomizedsolutions;
    • Implementation of risk mitigation strategies and day to day enhanced, integrated support;
    • Assisting in resolving Legacy issues pertaining to clean up of accounts and compliance;
    • Discontinuation of non-profitable products by developing robust costing systems.

    Business Planning and Financial Modeling

    • Development of Promoter's Vision and Mission Statement;
    • Assistance in framing Company’s business plan for next 5 years;
    • Splitting of business plan into yearly Budgets;
    • Setting in line the Yearly department-wise target with the yearly budgets;
    • Assistance in conducting Monthly Review Meetings and monitoring of yearly budget.

    Business Decision Making Support

    • Updating of MIS Dashboard on regular basis;
    • Analyzing and maintaining reports of Customer and Product Profitability;
    • Treasury Management;
    • Recruitment of a Top Management professional team;
    • Provide extensive support in managing IT and ERP function of the client;
    • Providing support tothe clients in day to day dealing for smooth operation of business with regulators, Govt. agencies and 3rd parties.

    Business Process Improvement

    • Continuously improving the existing Business Processes;
    • Risk Management through enhanced controls& mitigation plans;
    • Implement strategies for Scaling-up of revenue,Cost reduction & control and increase in profitability through productivity improvement;
    • Ensuring Product and Customer rationalization;
    • Implementation of ERP and BI Tools;
    • Preparing and assisting with Graphical SOPs and reengineering of business processes;

    Operational Support

    • Providing INDASand IFRS assistance;
    • Providing GST Solutions;
    • Carrying out Complex Accounting Reconciliations;
    • Management of AR and AP.
    • Assisting in carrying out various Automations and Customizations in ERP systems for accurate and timely financial and management reporting.
    • Providing assistance in taking business decisions through robotics MIS dashboards & BI tools

    Fund Raising

    • Assistance in raising Short Term and Long Term Funds through Debt, Equity and Bonds;
    • Assistance with pre-IPO preparation and raising funds through capital market.

    Deal Assistance

    • Assistance in Data room preparation;
    • Supporting Liaising with potential acquirers, targets or collaborators;
    • Liaising with foreign partners;
    • Carrying out negotiations with vendors and customers.

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